Sports Leadership & Development

Gaby Dijkstra


Welcome! I'm Gaby.

As sports leadership professional I am using my expertise to support and develop organisations, individuals and communities. I advise sports organisations on their policy and visibility in regards to diversity and inclusion. I develop skill driven programs for sustainable leadership.

I am a coach to youth and vulnerable young women in their journey to self empowerment.

I teach at higher education institutions in the Netherlands and I am a freelance consultant with marketing and project management skills.

I am passionate about mountaineering and climbing, and I traveled solo to all 7 continents.

I use my years of experience as traveler around the world, to deliver personal leadership programs.


My services

I specialise in personal leadership, gender equality and female empowerment. I create tools for personal leadership, train organisations, and use sports to empower youth and young women.


I advise sports organisations in making their policies, activities, marketing and communication and recruitment inclusive. I encourage diversity and support in strategic thinking.

Education & Training

I am affiliated as higher education teacher in several Dutch institutions on topics related to Sports Management, Leadership and Research.

Besides that I provide specialised workshops for sports organisation to work on their online communication in regards to developing an inclusive and safe environment for their members.

Outdoor Coaching

I coach youth, young adults and vulnerable groups in their personal leadership journey by taking them out of their comfort zone and resort to nature. Outdoor adventures will lead to insights in behaviour and pitfalls, while focusing on future improvement.

Project Management & Marketing

I have multiple years experience in sports marketing, communication and project management. In particular sport events and academic conferences, student coaching and online marketing strategies and can be of value for your organisation.

Leaders develop.

My Clients

The following list is merely intended to give you an idea of my credentials. The service I have provided before as evidence of the achievements I can secure for you.


My Experience

I believe in a diverse range of personal to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Critical thinking


International relations


Time management






Contact Me

I welcome you to contact me for more information
about any of my services or a consultation.